QUS Auto-liquidity Engine

Liquidity is a critical aspect of our Protocol. We seek to maximize the amount of available $QUS tokens on PancakeSwap post Launch.
Simply put, Liquidity is a pool of money that is split 50/50 between $QUS tokens and $BNB tokens.
Every-time someone buys $QUS, the price per $QUS will go up and the ratio above will also change at the same time to account for this. The same goes in the opposite direction for sells.
Liquidity allows for users to buy & sell their QUS/BNB at any time, with the higher the amount, the better price you get on buys and sells. QUS Auto-Liquidity Engine functions by adding more liquidity to the pool and providing the best possible pricing to our holders.
QUS Auto-Liquidity Engine Overview:
Every 48 hours, the QUS Auto-Liquidity Engine will inject automated liquidity into the market. On each buy or sell order there is a tax fee that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet and built into our protocol's smart contract. This mechanism automatically converts 50% of the amount of $QUS stored in the wallet into BNB at the current market rate.
The remaining 50% of liquidity in the Auto-LP wallet will be used for the $QUS side of liquidity, establishing an equal 50/50 weighting of YDZ/BNB. This additional half will be used to strengthen the $QUS liquidity endlessly.
The QUS Auto-Liquidity Engine will do this every 48 hours, adding the accrued fees, allowing $QUS token holders to easily sell their tokens at any time with little to no market slippage. It will also aid in supporting protocol stability to make sure the APY is upheld and stabilised for the entire life of quantSAFU Protocol ecosystem.